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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Digital Economy of Canada

Digital Economy of Canada

What’s causing the change in the Canadian digital economy? Canada is one of the most digitally connected economies in the world. The digital economy of Canada is growing fast than the bigger industries like mining, oil, and gas. Oil is still a building block of

Digital Economy of India

Digital Economy of INDIA

Digital India a way forward for the Digital Economy Because of the changing world order, the digital economy is emerging as the main driving force of economic growth globally. The digital economy is proving very productive in facing global challenges, related to the environment, inequality,

Digital Economy of USA

Digital Economy of USA: Global Standard for eCommerce

Digital Economy of the USA According to the BAE( bureau of economic analysis) survey conducted in April 2019 ” The Digital Economy holds the 6.9% of GDP(gross domestic product) in the year 2017. The digital economy of the USA grew 4.3 times fast than the

Digital Economy of China: Booming eCommerce Industry

China is the world’s second-largest economy. The digital economy of China is increased rapidly in recent years. Due to the increase in population china is facing many problems. But china’s technology sector is coping up with all these problems. While in comparison to the other