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Digital Economy of Pakistan

The world of digital marketing as we know connects buyers and sellers across the globe. At its core, shopping can take place from any location and at any time of the day or night. This digital transformation makes time zones obsolete and you’re ‘open to shop’ all of the time. Digital Transformations helps in the growth of the Economy.

The Rising Trend of E-Commerce In Pakistan

Just like the rest of the world, Pakistanis love to shop online, and the trend seemed to increase incredibly over the last years. Without any doubt, more than 100 online shopping sites in Pakistan are working and the growth is expected to extend in the future.

Now retailers can sell goods faster through the internet.

As per the reports, it has been estimated that Pakistan expected to stand at $ 60 million (currently $30 million) in the next five years only through this rapid trend of online shopping.

According to the reports of SBP, payment receives through the online shopping sites in Pakistan has increased to 2.3 times higher as compared to the last 12 months.

Analyzing last year’s data, Pakistanis spend more when buying through their smartphone. Also, the type of device matters; iOs users do more online shopping than Android ones.

Pakistan’s rate of smartphone penetration is 34 percent in South Asia. Interestingly, Pakistani men (59%) made more purchases in contrast to women (41%).

On average, there are almost 32 million Facebook users in Pakistan, and the companies are now using social media to promote their goods and services.

How is E-Commerce helping in the growth of the digital economy?

In simple words, the digital economy is hyperconnectivity that results from billions of online connections that take among people, businesses, data, devices, and processes, hence, generating greater utility and leading a new culture of management.

The world of e-commerce is progressing at an astonishing speed in Pakistan. We know that every business is unique, therefore, you need e-commerce marketing strategies accordingly. The best strategy will help you obtain new customers as well as retain the old ones.

With these proven marketing strategies, you will learn how to bring in traffic to your online shopping sites in Pakistan, and build relationships with customers. It will also help you get back those lost sales

1) Lead from the Front

Retailers can easily target their customers via email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing techniques. This is a benefit for customers as they will have better access to the product than before and are more likely to shop online. This leads to more efficient sales.

2) Price Consistency

Customers compare prices online via search engines and other similar online shopping sites in Pakistan, which leads to more transparency and because of this they can put trust in you for getting a fair deal.

3) Make your checkout process easy

Try to get everything in one place. Make checkout buttons easy to find – otherwise, they will not return back to your site.

Learn How to Make The Online Payment Process Easier

4) Give customers helpful product descriptions

Make customers informed about the products they need to buy. If you are selling a mobile phone, provide specifications and features details. Also, include customer reviews on your site.

This can also help you rank your site if you write quality descriptions with relevant keywords. “More Visibility Can Leads To More Sales.”

Many new online stores like PriceOye are rising each other day to facilitate their customers with higher product views. As per the reports, Pakistani’s online business, by 2020, can extend to several million dollars.

5) Advanced Product Filtering

People seem to be busy, so help them find their product via an advanced filtering option that allows them to find exactly what they’re searching for quickly. This strategy can be more useful if you have products with a lot of variations and many different options.

In previous years, 42% of big online shopping sites in Pakistan do not have product filtering options.

6) Cash on delivery & card options

Online shopping sites in Pakistan are based on both cash on delivery and card payment options. Recently, 25.5 bn payments have been received through cash on the delivery system which is a tremendous increase in Pakistan’s economic growth.

Final Thoughts

E-Commerce sites have motivated the youth to start their own business and help the economy growing by providing more job opportunities. In this way, the unemployment rate will decrease and it would fasten Pakistan’s growing digital economy.

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