How to Make The Online Payment Process Easier

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Making payment and checking out is the final and of course the last step of shopping for a customer. While for the buyer it is a crucial stage that closes the sale. At this point, if the payment process is too extensive or complicated then chances are that either the shopper will just quit here only just because the final step is too complex or maybe it is the last time that he/she would shop from you. Eventually, you would likely lose a potential customer. So do you want this to happen? No, right?

6 Tips to Make Online Payment Process Easier

Therefore, it is advised to keep the payment process as simple as you can because this is the turning point for you as this will turn your new customer into a paying customer. Here are some easy steps that will help you to make an online payment process easier:

1. Don’t Ask for a Sign-Up

You do not really need to ask your customer to sign up for an account to buy stuff from your online shop. This sounds so tiresome to customers. They are not really interested in you that much that they would go through the boring process of signing up as they find it extremely useless. Making them forcefully sign up and make an account to get done with their shopping is quite intrusive. This may lead them to just hitting that cross button and switching to another retail store. Ultimately, maybe you lost a would-be customer. Thus, don’t force them to sign up. Let them be your guest only. (As shown below)

2. Don’t Ask TooMany Details

Asking for so many details is not necessary for you. It will rather be a contributor to killing your sales. The first and foremost thing is that after looking at such a long-form containing so many fields does not appeal to people at all. Secondly, the public usually doesn’t want to provide all the information at such platforms. Hence, don’t ask for information that is not necessary for shopping. Keep it short and simple as shown in the example below, to make sure that the particular shopper does not go away.

This is the only basic information as a seller, that I think that you require to close a sale and confirm the order.

3. Payment Methods

Almost the majority of online shopping sites offer COD that is cash on delivery. It is highly convenient for the widely held customer’s perspective. However, many find online transfer, credit cards, etc. much more feasible. Companies should consequently offer a number of payment methods. Instead of just keeping it restricted to one or two. Give the shoppers at least 4-5 options to choose from depending upon the options that are easily accessible for both, buyer and seller.

This screenshot has been taken from the checkout page of one of the famous online shopping sites in Pakistan. You can already see how many options it offers its customers to choose from to make their payments.

4. Have Full Control on the Entire Process

Making it simple, avoid using services like PayPal that take over all the control from you. First of all, you don’t know what their checkout page and process looks like. Maybe they are asking for unnecessary information that is neither required nor, as already said, people want to disclose. This also often freaks out the shoppers as they assume that this will take a lot of time and efforts. So they often just stop here. That’s why avoid doing so and let the last name be your’s in customer’s minds when they finally check out.

5. Make Errors Prominent

It is observed that sometimes people overlook or skip a field on the checkout page while checking out and when they confirm order there is an error. This error is not shown or clear on some websites. Moreover, if the form is too long it annoys folks to fill it all over again. However, many online retailers ensure to make it clear that it is visible to the shopper as well as they also give a one-line description for that error above or below the field. If you are not one of them then do it now cause better late than never.

6. Assure Your Customers

Make sure that the visitors coming to your webs are assured about the security standards of your online shopping website. Since personal information is involved people are more concerned about the security of their data. Always go beyond the way to satisfy your customers and for the same have secure socket layers and avoid redirecting to other websites. This will give it extra protection while encryption of data.

Hopefully, these easy and instant tips will help you to let your prospective customers turn into a paying customer later as well as increase your business. If you already working under these conditions then never mind. But if not, then start updating your web pages now if you want to expand your customer base and give them the best shopping experience every time they shop from you. Keep upgrading the way you carry out the processes at your end and make your online sites a one-stop solution for everyone.

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