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Both small and big businesses have been targeting social media platforms to connect with audiences for more than a decade. It has become an integral part of online marketing. In fact, there are surveys that prove that Facebook is deserving of the title “Social Media Giant.” Moreover, marketers in 2019 are exploring other channels like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others as well.

To cater to the constantly growing users, using social media tools like Hootsuite has been the norm. However, there are better and more effective Hootsuite alternatives you may want to explore. Whether you have more than one account on a social platform, or if you use multiple channels, you can use the dashboard in these apps to track, schedule, and plan your online marketing activities.

Recommended Hootsuite Alternatives to Explore

1. SocialPilot



SocialPilot has a very impressive capacity to track social media analytics and to report the insights. You can get a better idea about the content performance, the best time to post, discover the top influencers, and understand how to create better engaging content. It also allows bulk scheduling, so you can plan and schedule automated publications. This means your social pages get postings unfailingly, and regular timing. Even if you get busy with something else, this social media marketing tool will manage the posting for you. In addition, SocialPilot has the capacity to allow team collaboration for different activities across the agency. It is a single platform where everyone’s workflow becomes easy to track and manage.

Another interesting feature of SocialPilot is content curation. It tells you the best-searched keywords that are ideal for your social media content. Not many social media marketing apps do this. Likewise, it has the RSS Feed automation feature. This makes sharing your URL on particular sites automated and effortless. It is by far one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

2. Sendible



This is not just a social media management tool, but it has the capacity to cater to other aspects of online marketing. Moreover, the dashboard is very easy to understand and use. You can engage the users using social CRM, and get insights via the analytics. Sendible also makes branding your business easier. Even if someone is talking about you, but has not tagged you, you will receive a notification via Sendible. You can also juggle different accounts seamlessly. It makes team collaboration easier, allows multiple publishing, and has impressive customer support.

You can also receive notification of mentions on Twitter, and monitor CitySearch and Yelp to know when someone looks you up. It is one of the best Hootsuite alternatives, which generates and nurtures leads.

3. Agorapulse



The name may sound weird, but Agorapulse is also one of the most recommendable Hootsuite alternatives. This social media marketing tool provides a social inbox system that is quite advance. It first hit the market as a Facebook app-driven tool, but today this tool automatically re-queues content. This allows you to keep your following engaged. This tool also allows you to set up and run contests or quizzes to keep your activities very engaging. It has a dashboard where you get access to all your social channels. You can schedule a post, reply comments and messages, and manage everything very nicely. This means you never miss a mention or tweet about your brand. It has the capacity to synchronize 24/7 so you can filter all the content. Moreover, the tool gives notifications so you can get updates at a glance.

4. SproutSocial



This may be the last on our list of Hootsuite alternatives, but it is a good option too. Its social scheduling tool is quite impressive and comes with numerous features. You can schedule messages, assign tasks or assignments, integrate it with other social media marketing platforms, and get an in-depth statistical overview of social shares. This tool is quite good for enterprises, small businesses, and agencies. It also allows you to see all posts in a single dashboard. This way, you can get a clear picture at a glance.

Some of the notable features of SproutSocial that make it worthwhile is that is has a smart inbox for social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and others. You can collaborate the content calendar with your team, track different social channels, queue posts, use it with ViralPost and track activities across all social platforms integrated with SproutSocial. This tool is available for use on iOS and Android devices.

Hope this information helped!

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