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How To Market Your Business Online

Cheapest Online Marketing Techniques in 2021 The prospect of getting your business online can be very overwhelming, especially for a small business, and if you have a small budget or nearly no budget at all. The great news is that marketing does not have to

Online Payment Process

How to Make The Online Payment Process Easier

Making payment and checking out is the final and of course the last step of shopping for a customer. While for the buyer it is a crucial stage that closes the sale. At this point, if the payment process is too extensive or complicated then

How to Avoid Windows 10 Update

How to Avoid Windows 10 Update

You’ve been toiling all day on a project using Windows 10. You have almost completed your work and step away from your computer. Unbeknownst to you, Windows has downloaded an update and has restarted your device automatically. You come back to complete your work, only