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Like it or Dislike It, but Tesla’s Cyber Truck is a Revolution

There are whoop and rattle around about Tesla’s cyber truck that is recently introduced to the world.  The cyber truck is an angularly shaped, stainless steel body that makes it polarized quickly. It got fame very quick although it has been made a point of fun over the internet and social media sites. The launch of Tesla’s Cyber Truck did not go smoothly. The bumble debut of cyber truck kindle uncountable memes on social media.

Regardless, there were 250000 pre-orders in the first week, which is an explosion of interest without any publicity. Moreover, the arguably adverse grand opening and these results are remarkable.

Key Features of Tesla’s Cyber Truck

In Cyber Truck, Tesla has integrated several technologies into a single offer. Here are some key features that make Cyber Truck great innovation.

  1. Exoskeleton
  2. Tesla Armour Glass
  3. Versatile Utility
  4. Efficiency and Performance

1. Exoskeleton

In the making of the external shell of the cyber truck, passenger protection and durability are focused. The exoskeleton of the cyber truck is impenetrable and it’s every component is extra strengthened with fortitude.

There is ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel is used that helps to eliminate dents and provides maximum protection to the passenger.

2. Tesla Armor Glass

There is ultra-strong glass in the main screen and the windows of the cyber truck. The polymer layered-composite helps to absorb and to redirect the impacting force.

This all makes it more performing and damage controlling.

3. Versatile Utility

Cyber Truck has 3500 pounds of payload capacity with adjustable air suspension. The cyber truck is the most powerful machine that Tesla makes ever. Here are some versatile features this giant truck has.

  • Vault Like Storage
  • Mountainous Strength
  • Adaptive Air Suspension
  • Flexible Interior
  • Awesome Adaptability

4. Efficiency and Performance of Tesla’s Cyber Truck

If we discuss the performance and efficiency of newly designed Tesla’s Cyber truck then you are entering into a new era of speed, strength, and versatility. These key features added up a new thing that is an all-electric designed vehicle.  Moreover, there is a powerful drivetrain mode in it with a low center of gravity and it provides torque and exception traction control.

Specification of Tesla’s Cyber Truck

Here are the key specifications of Tesla’s giant Cyber truck.

Specs Value
0-60 MPH <6.5 seconds
Range 250+ Miles (EPA EST.)
Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive
Storage 100 CU-FT
Vault Length 6.5 FT
Towing Capacity 7500+ LBS
Autopilot Standard
Adaptive Air Suspension Standard
Ground Clearance Up To 16″
Approach Angle 35 Degrees
Departure Angle 28 Degrees


These specs are in the case of single motor RWD and there is a big plus in specs with dual and tri motors. Moreover, These all specs are US-based, later on, Tesla will produce a global variant on demand.


Tesla Cyber Truck price is revealed and available in only $39,900


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