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Web Design & Development

Website Design

Web design means creating graphical elements of the website for online use. Responsive website design with best user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). can maximize your business revenue. InteraNetworks offers responsive, attractive and converting website designs.

Testing and Launch

Website testing is a process to ensure quality by testing the functionality of a given website as required. Testing and quality assurance (QA) is very essential before website launch. InteraNetworks make sure work quality and fulfills client requirements to achieve online goals.

Website Development

Web development means making all the created graphical elements to life. Using different programming languages, like HTML, PHP, SQL, Python, AI, Swift, C# and Java to develop the core functionalities. InteraNetworks offers best possible website development solutions online.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance is a regular routine process. Website maintenance includes delegated security monitoring, backup plan, and other technical tasks such as speed optimization, integrations, bug fixes and reporting. InteraNetworks also takes care of all the website maintenance tasks.

Frequently asked questions

Website design is to make it graphically ready for online use. In this process, the designer will add images, info graphics, Ads, and Logos. Development means giving the graphical elements ready to perform functions. This task is done by using different kinds of programming languages like HTML, PHP, and java.

Before launching the websites all the official approvals must be checked.

Here are some steps for testing the website before launch:

  1. Check for the little mistakes
  2. Must have a Contact page
  3. Test your site’s usability
  4. Check navigation works or not
  5. Run compatibility testing
  6. Get ready for Errors
  7. SEO and Plugins
  8. Make sure your URL is correct
  9. Make your site secure
  10. Keep your Timezone updated

Website maintenance consists of six areas that need attention in regular routine. Those areas are as follows:

  1. Design
  2. Content
  3. Security
  4. Technical SEO
  5. Functionality
  6. Performance

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